Gerjan Piksen




In most music breathing is serving the music; in this piece it's the other way around.



Omega Impact (ensemble), Gerjan Piksen (voice, bluesharp)



Gerjan Piksen

Canon For Two Violin


This piece composition during one day on a festival organised by Tseroeja van den Bos. At this festival musicians and composers came together and created music during the day which got performed in the evening.

Violin: Maxje de Wit and Tseroeja van den Bos

Camera: Remco Gerritsen

Havel Havelim

Exhilarated and touched by the magnificent and inconceivable in Barnett Newman’s Cathedra, who tried to capture the throne of God, Gerjan Piksen wrote Havel Havelim. This title is taken from Ecclesiastes, a book in the Old Testament, and is hard to depict. It is translated as ‘vanity of vanities’ or ‘vexation of spirit’. King Salomo wrote these words on the otiosity and emptiness of existence and how he copes with that personnally. Havel is Hebrew for breath, and the piece Havel Havelim resembles a breath, a sigh.

But do not despair! As Cathedra offers solace, so finds Salomo solace in all the emptiness. Gerjan Piksen would like to challenge you to, while realizing there are no new things under the sun and nothing is permanent, find consolation and meaning in life.

Organ: Henk Veldhuizen, Remco Gerritsen

Directed by Remco Gerritsen & Jorg van Gerner


Remco Gerritsen


Luka Geelen

Jorg van Gerner

Amber Greuter


Nick Habermehl

Jimi Hellinga

Airborne with Bach!


This piece for piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion.


My piece begins with “Erbarme dich mein, O Herre Gott from Bach (BWV 721)” and then shoots into the sky. This is all full of symbolics. BWV 721 is based on psalm 51. It is about mistakes, regret and sorrow. That all this becomes airborne is something very special. My piece is not sad, the limitations of the instruments become very clear at first and becomes a struggle. Thereafter the limitations of the instruments are used as a means of expression, that leads to happy explosions. It is a jubilee song. You can notice that by the cheerful high notes!

Camanea Collective

My work is playful and always diverse. I want to capture everything I feel and discover in my work. I immerse myself in the symbolics coming from religion and philosophy in art.